The USEMI Virtual Clinic offers specialist psychotherapy provision for people of colour. It features individual therapy by video call or phone and online groups via Zoom.

USEMI is a Swahili word that means SPEAKING and reads as YOU SEE ME. With questions of voice and visibility as its central concerns, USEMI aims to meet the specific needs of those whose experience of severe mental illness is impacted by race, ethnicity and culture. It advocates understanding and sensitivity to difference and diversity in its therapeutic work and a keen awareness of individuals’ background, culture and lifestyle.

USEMI is funded for 6 months by the National Lottery Coronavirus Community Support Fund.

Since its foundation in 2013, the Psychosis Therapy Project has been aware of the impact of socio-economic deprivation and racial trauma on communities of colour: higher rate of severe mental illness, higher rate of involuntary hospitalisation, more stigma, more inequalities and more discrimination. In deprived areas, little or no psychotherapeutic support has been made available to communities of colour.

The Coronavirus crisis has brought these facts to the fore with unprecedented urgency.

USEMI aims to address the inequalities in the mental health system and offer culturally sensitive and anti-racist support to ethnically diverse communities.